Broken Secrets

Thursday, November 25, 2004

First of all, I'd like to say HAPPY THANKSGIVING to all! I hope you had lots to eat (especially turkey...YUM!!) I know I did and it was pretty good! I'm just not one of those people who like to stuff their faces on Turkey Day and then make themselves sick! GROSS!!

Anyways, yesterday was a complete nightmare on the bus & train! It was completely packed and I had to stand the entire way back home! Plus, on the bus people were talking too loud and it was very annoying!! I'm just glad I have a few days off now! School's kinda hectic! Can't wait until the fall term is over!

Well, grandparents left and we had a nice dinner, except for the fact that my sis got freaked when bug's appeared in her food! NO KIDDING!! She was grossed out for the rest of dinner!

No LOST this week....*sad* Will return next Wednesday though! YAY!

OMG!! I just saw the America video from FOJG, which is a clip from the upcoming "Live at the Greek" and WOW!! THUD!!! It is so GOOD!!! Got some lovely screencaps to show you!
Other than this, that's it! Gotta go to work tomorrow until like 9pm, ugh....sux all the way!

And now, for the piccies!!!


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