Broken Secrets

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

<-------Ok, the girl in that icon pic on the left IS NOT ME! That's Amanda Avila, Josh Groban's ex-girlfriend.

Well, Sunday I didn't pretty much do anything. Just hung out on the Josh board and lurked.
Today, I didn't pretty much do anything either. Hung out on the computer, on the Josh board (nasty stuff going on around there), picked up my sister and blah.....

HP POA comes out tomorrow! Yay! Got my two fave magazines in the mail today! Premeire and Cosmo Girl! The Premiere mag is so huge cuz it's a double issue! I was just like Wow! I'm going after school tomorrow to pick up the DVD! I hope it rocks!

Yeah, I am a little bummed though. Can't go to Josh's Rockford concert. I was going to bring a friend but it's just so far and my parents don't want to buy the tickets. *sad*

Well, that's all from here, it's getting late and I have school tomorrow! DEC. 5th! Can't wait!


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