Broken Secrets

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

"What am I doing now?" I'M AT SCHOOL!! BORING!!!

Hashbrowns and fried hotdogs are the best breakfast ever! I just had those this morning and YUM!!! The hashbrowns taste good with ketchup!

OMG, I watched POA with my sister's friends and it rocked the house! My mom was commenting on how they looked like nerds because they were all dressed in their Harry Potter robes. It really was quite funny. One of my sister's friends, Mary, absolutely LOVES Remus Lupin!!! She went crazy every time he came on the screen! It was hilarious!! And of course my sister and her friends made up a group called The Marauders. They even made up a club at school and got away with it! How cool is that!!

OMG! Six days until the 'Live at the Greek' DVD comes out! It's gonna be so hard not to watch it until Rachel gets there on the 5th! Argh! Why couldn't it have aired on TV first, then be released on DVD!

Well, ciao! Have to begin class now!


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