Broken Secrets

Saturday, November 27, 2004

What's up everyone!

Just came home from work about an hour ago! Didn't work the full Holiday Magic today because I basically just helped out and wasn't on register! That was weird....I was used to being on register and now I wasn't! The zoo looks so pretty though, all the lights and music! The weirdest thing though that happened was that these "little people" came in and started chasing us around! They were basically midgets in those oversize costumes! They were elves, but they were scary looking! I actually went in the back room because I didn't want them to chase me around!

Then this magician came in and did some tricks for us cuz it was so dead there! Barely anyone came and all they wanted was hot chocolate and cider and preztels! Gosh darn those PRETZELS!!! That's such a popular item!

Other than that, didn't do much today. Yesterday, went to Borders and bought an LOTR book, The Official Movie Guide to be exact and some DVD's for the fam.

TUESDAY, TUESDAY, TUESDAY IS THE DVD!!! "Live at the Greek!" Although, some Grobies already have it! Argh, I'm jealous! And NEXT WEEKEND is my Josh party! I can't wait, since I have the day off! Whoopee!

Can't stop listening to "America" by JG, so frickin awesome! When he sang it live at the Chicago concert on Aug. 8th, that was awesome as well! Never fails to amaze me!



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