Broken Secrets

Thursday, November 18, 2004

WOOT!!! My blog is finally up! Yips! Now, I can write in it as much as I want! Well, what do I want to say as my first about WELCOME, HELLO, I KNOW YOU'RE NOT READING THIS BUT WHO CARES!! Or I could just introduce myself...I'm 18 years old, a Grobanite (yes, I love Josh Groban), I love movies, being on the Internet...a lot of other things I can't remember! LOL. I'm not sure how much I'll be writing in this, but I'll make time!

Ok, what happened today? Nothing much, took a math test, hope I did good! Went to tutoring, talked about my lame ass math teacher...(yeah that was fun) oh yeah and my english teacher, HOLY SHIT!!! He walked in Tuesday and I swear I almost died! What he was wearing man!! Geez, I was like, "Do you borrow Josh Groban's style because I swear I thought he walked through the door instead of you!" Yeah, that was Tuesday, but today I didn't even want to look at him! He's so young, that's what makes him attractable!!! And he's funny too! That's basically the only class that I feel I'm actually having fun in, the others are okay (math is a definite no-no) but english is just fun!

Oh yeah, at the Josh board, (, look for vteen2002, I'm writing this killer story that the Thigh Grobies are lovin!!! RAWR TO THE THIGHS!!! That's it for first entry, whoopeee!


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