Broken Secrets

Friday, December 24, 2004

Yeah, I know it's really late. I've been so lazy with this blog. Sometimes it just feels like I don't have anything to write about. Well, tomorrow should be exciting, it's Christmas Eve! We're gonna have to open presents tomorrow since Mom won't be home on Christmas Day. We usually open them that day. Whoopee!

Today, I basically watched Gundam Wing. I was looking for particular episodes to watch. I really wanted to see the one where Heero goes insane in the Epyon and of course the last episode! They both brought back a lot of memories! I hope I can save up enough money to buy the box set! Gotta work some more...that's the key!

I emailed my friend Rachel and I'm probably going to be either sending or getting ready her present for tomorrow. I know it won't arrive by Christmas, I told her that. Hope it's ok with her. She knows what I'm getting her. I hinted way too much.
The fam and I just watched a really cheezy movie called Elf. There were some parts that were hilarious, but the movie was just too cheezy for my liking.

Gotta go. Have to wake up early to watch GMA cuz Josh's on!

Monday, December 20, 2004

Ok, I've been really random lately. I've been watching ANIME.... I haven't watched ANIME since well over a year and a half now! That's all I did Sunday, watch all the anime I had in my house! From NGE, (Neon Genesis or New Century Evangelion.....MY PERSONAL FAV!!!) to Rurouni Kenshin (Samurai X series) to Shinkidosenki Gundam Wing (Mobile Suit Gundam Wing)! I mean isn't that crazy or what!
Actually I'm not that surprised. I used to be obsessed with anime 2 years ago and I did go to a convention and meet one of the voice actors from the one of the shows! (If anyone's interested, his name was Brad Swaile and he did the voice of "Quatre" from Gundam Wing) I got my pic taken with him and I videotaped his entire convo with us and other obsessed fangirls! No setiously, Gundam was extremely popular when it aired here in the US. I'm not kidding! When Toonami was all that watched, it was big time.

I think people really don't get what anime really is. It's NOT kid's stuff. Believe me, the stuff they show on Cartoon Network and Toonami and all is not what anime actually is. Anime has very mature adult themes, at least the ones I watch. Not like the American version of Sailor Moon which they hacked beyond belief. Now do you wonder why they never aired the 5th season here in America? It was because there was a trio of girls that when they transformed into their respective Sailor Senshi, became guys!!! And they actually showed it!!! That's why I hate watching the English DUB! It completely strips anime for what it is! There's actually an excellent description of the stereotypes and differences between animes on I highly suggest you visit it!

Ok, I was reading a Heero X Relena story on and WOW that story was just about............yeah......kinda like the song I'm listening to right now! o_O

Thursday, December 16, 2004

"What am I doing now?" - I'm eating!!! Pizza (Home Run Inn) with hotdogs on top! I know, it may sound gross, but it actually is really good!

Ok, I'm sorry AGAIN for not posting every other day, but I've had way too much stuff happening to me. With work and all and school too its just been really hectic. I've had finals and two of my classes are done, but the other two are gonna resume on the 3rd cuz of the extended semester. Animation and my Cimema class are the ones being extended. That project in Ani is killing me. :(

Monday, the 13th, I had to go to the hospital for pre-admission testing for my surgery on the 29th. My mom had to leave me there to go her appointment across the street @ 9AM. (Mine was at 8:30AM) So, I was nervous because I knew I'd be receiving pain and all. So, the nice attendant lady told me to basically go down the hall to the room marked Pre-Admission Testing and sign in at the desk. When I entered the room I heard "You're my Obi-Wan Kenobi!" WTF??? Apparantly they were making fun of someone and they fired off SW comments while I was there. I so wanted to say that I liked SW too but I had no time as I was already being lead to the room. There I was asked a billion questions about insurance and "have you taken this?" or "have you had this symptom?" Then, the nurse came in and basically did it, which was weird because usually nurses talk to you before they administer to you. While she was doing it, I was wincing and closing my eyes and that was it........The next thing I knew I was waking up in a groggy state with all the nurses around me asking if I was ok. I had no idea what just happened. I seriously didn't feel myself pass out or fall asleep. I just remember quickly having dreams about nothing, thinking that I was at home sleeping and then opening my eyes and saying to myself, "Why did I fall asleep?" Seriously, that's what it felt like. Like I was sleeping although I didn't actually feel it happen. The nurse then got me some orane juice and asked if I had come with someone. I said that my mom had driven me there and that she was at the cancer center across the street. They then went and called her. I was all shook up, it was just scary the way I didn't feel anything at all. Just to be safe the nurse wheeled me in a wheelchair to the ER, to check vitals and all that. Then, I was wheeled into a private room to have an EKG and get registered into the ER. I remember the nurse saying that I had gotten all pale and that my heart rate was way down. She thought I was having a seizure and that freaked me out. They have a medical term believe it or not about ehat happened to me. I can't remember what it was but I do remember that there is a nerve in your chest that connects from your heart to your brain and in response to either pain, sight of blood, needles, that stimulates that nerve and causes you to pass out. Simple.

Well, this has been too long already and nothing else exciting happened, so see ya!

Some pretty screencaps from Josh's latest performance! (Royal Variety Performance - London England, December 14th, 2004)

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Hey everyone! Sorry I haven't posted in a while, college is really nagging me now. Gotta study for those finals! Talk about major bore! But, seriously, I almost had a mental breakdown. I realized that my current major isn't really what I wanted and I'm planning to change it to Fine Arts instead of Digital Multimedia Design. I was looking over the different classes and they seem much more interesting than drawing and making animations on computers. I'm just such a huge procrastinator and I don't like having to do all these projects, one of which I may not finish due to other circumstances. We teenagers, I swear being hounded in every which way to make sure we're doing what we want to do. It's so frustrating!

LOST: OMG!!! Wow, today's episode was a shocker! Charlie and Claire have been kidnapped by Ethan/Lance and Jack, Kim, Locke and Boone all go out looking for them. Jack has flashbacks about a surgery gone haywire where a patient dies by his or his father's (you choose) hands. His father wants him to sign a report saying it was Jack's fault that the patient died, when in reality it was his father's fault! First of all, he was under the influence, second, he cut a major artery which caused her death (even though he said that she was in a car accident) and third, she was pregnant and totally ignored the baby's life and went straight for the mother. Jack eventually rats him out in front of the committee in the end! Yay! Meanwhile, back in the real world, Jack and Kim find Charlie hanging from a tree, blindfolded. He was assumed to be dead. Jack tries to revive him, performing CPR, and that fails. So then, he resorts to pounding on his chest, literally. He is afraid he's going to make the same mistake he did last time with the patient. After a few tense moments, all hope seems to be lost, when all of a sudden Charlie gasps for air. Of course Jack and Kim are relieved and head back to camp. Charlie is still in shock and doesn't speak to Jack when he asks him about what happened. Jack tries to coax him and when he mentions Claire, Charlie says, "All they wanted was Claire." Ooooo..... Boone and Locke are still searching when they stumble across a piece of metal, either from the plane or it could be a pipe. And that's where they leave us. Next week, they're doing a recap from the beginning.

Ok, this is getting kinda long, so I'll wrap it up. I'm having an insane craving to watch "Little Women." Christian Bale who plays Laurie (aka: Theodore Lawrence) is hot in that movie! w00t!!!


Friday, December 03, 2004

OMG!! "LIVE AT THE GREEK" IS SO FRICKIN AWESOME!!! I've only watched the extras though, cuz I'm saving the actual concert for when it airs on PBS! 2 days! 2 days until the party! Yippee! I can't possibly wait! Omg, but Josh is so hilarious on that special about the tour! Especially the part where he says: "ok, ish you like da show you sae wassup, (holds hands to form a "W") ish you don't like da show, you sae ish don't think so!" That's hilarious! Then, those funny outtakes at the end! Ahhh, he's such a goofball! Josh says that he works on his golf swing 99% of the time, uh

Well, school's hounding on me. I've got papers to write, finals to take and last minute projects to do, not to mention registering for next semester! They don't even have the course books out and people have already registered! Stupid.....

Well, all I did today (today is Friday, Dec. 3rd) is be on here, lurking at the Josh boards and put up the 'ole Christmas tree! Can't wait till I get my Josh hoodie and all the other goodies that await!

I really wanna go watch the tour special on the DVD again, but I think we're watching another movie! We're also going to the mall I gotta work Holiday Magic...ugh.

I've got some caps from the tour special!

(self explanatory)

Actual Quote: "Why do I do that? It makes me feel so hot and stupid!" (talking about playing the drums)

Actual Quote: "Where am I? I don't know where I am? Am I in Texas?" (notice the shape of the glasses)

(Josh does a funny sound inbetween a gulp and a laugh. You have to see it to actually believe it.)