Broken Secrets

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Hey everyone! Sorry I haven't posted in a while, college is really nagging me now. Gotta study for those finals! Talk about major bore! But, seriously, I almost had a mental breakdown. I realized that my current major isn't really what I wanted and I'm planning to change it to Fine Arts instead of Digital Multimedia Design. I was looking over the different classes and they seem much more interesting than drawing and making animations on computers. I'm just such a huge procrastinator and I don't like having to do all these projects, one of which I may not finish due to other circumstances. We teenagers, I swear being hounded in every which way to make sure we're doing what we want to do. It's so frustrating!

LOST: OMG!!! Wow, today's episode was a shocker! Charlie and Claire have been kidnapped by Ethan/Lance and Jack, Kim, Locke and Boone all go out looking for them. Jack has flashbacks about a surgery gone haywire where a patient dies by his or his father's (you choose) hands. His father wants him to sign a report saying it was Jack's fault that the patient died, when in reality it was his father's fault! First of all, he was under the influence, second, he cut a major artery which caused her death (even though he said that she was in a car accident) and third, she was pregnant and totally ignored the baby's life and went straight for the mother. Jack eventually rats him out in front of the committee in the end! Yay! Meanwhile, back in the real world, Jack and Kim find Charlie hanging from a tree, blindfolded. He was assumed to be dead. Jack tries to revive him, performing CPR, and that fails. So then, he resorts to pounding on his chest, literally. He is afraid he's going to make the same mistake he did last time with the patient. After a few tense moments, all hope seems to be lost, when all of a sudden Charlie gasps for air. Of course Jack and Kim are relieved and head back to camp. Charlie is still in shock and doesn't speak to Jack when he asks him about what happened. Jack tries to coax him and when he mentions Claire, Charlie says, "All they wanted was Claire." Ooooo..... Boone and Locke are still searching when they stumble across a piece of metal, either from the plane or it could be a pipe. And that's where they leave us. Next week, they're doing a recap from the beginning.

Ok, this is getting kinda long, so I'll wrap it up. I'm having an insane craving to watch "Little Women." Christian Bale who plays Laurie (aka: Theodore Lawrence) is hot in that movie! w00t!!!



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