Broken Secrets

Monday, December 20, 2004

Ok, I've been really random lately. I've been watching ANIME.... I haven't watched ANIME since well over a year and a half now! That's all I did Sunday, watch all the anime I had in my house! From NGE, (Neon Genesis or New Century Evangelion.....MY PERSONAL FAV!!!) to Rurouni Kenshin (Samurai X series) to Shinkidosenki Gundam Wing (Mobile Suit Gundam Wing)! I mean isn't that crazy or what!
Actually I'm not that surprised. I used to be obsessed with anime 2 years ago and I did go to a convention and meet one of the voice actors from the one of the shows! (If anyone's interested, his name was Brad Swaile and he did the voice of "Quatre" from Gundam Wing) I got my pic taken with him and I videotaped his entire convo with us and other obsessed fangirls! No setiously, Gundam was extremely popular when it aired here in the US. I'm not kidding! When Toonami was all that watched, it was big time.

I think people really don't get what anime really is. It's NOT kid's stuff. Believe me, the stuff they show on Cartoon Network and Toonami and all is not what anime actually is. Anime has very mature adult themes, at least the ones I watch. Not like the American version of Sailor Moon which they hacked beyond belief. Now do you wonder why they never aired the 5th season here in America? It was because there was a trio of girls that when they transformed into their respective Sailor Senshi, became guys!!! And they actually showed it!!! That's why I hate watching the English DUB! It completely strips anime for what it is! There's actually an excellent description of the stereotypes and differences between animes on I highly suggest you visit it!

Ok, I was reading a Heero X Relena story on and WOW that story was just about............yeah......kinda like the song I'm listening to right now! o_O


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