Broken Secrets

Thursday, December 16, 2004

"What am I doing now?" - I'm eating!!! Pizza (Home Run Inn) with hotdogs on top! I know, it may sound gross, but it actually is really good!

Ok, I'm sorry AGAIN for not posting every other day, but I've had way too much stuff happening to me. With work and all and school too its just been really hectic. I've had finals and two of my classes are done, but the other two are gonna resume on the 3rd cuz of the extended semester. Animation and my Cimema class are the ones being extended. That project in Ani is killing me. :(

Monday, the 13th, I had to go to the hospital for pre-admission testing for my surgery on the 29th. My mom had to leave me there to go her appointment across the street @ 9AM. (Mine was at 8:30AM) So, I was nervous because I knew I'd be receiving pain and all. So, the nice attendant lady told me to basically go down the hall to the room marked Pre-Admission Testing and sign in at the desk. When I entered the room I heard "You're my Obi-Wan Kenobi!" WTF??? Apparantly they were making fun of someone and they fired off SW comments while I was there. I so wanted to say that I liked SW too but I had no time as I was already being lead to the room. There I was asked a billion questions about insurance and "have you taken this?" or "have you had this symptom?" Then, the nurse came in and basically did it, which was weird because usually nurses talk to you before they administer to you. While she was doing it, I was wincing and closing my eyes and that was it........The next thing I knew I was waking up in a groggy state with all the nurses around me asking if I was ok. I had no idea what just happened. I seriously didn't feel myself pass out or fall asleep. I just remember quickly having dreams about nothing, thinking that I was at home sleeping and then opening my eyes and saying to myself, "Why did I fall asleep?" Seriously, that's what it felt like. Like I was sleeping although I didn't actually feel it happen. The nurse then got me some orane juice and asked if I had come with someone. I said that my mom had driven me there and that she was at the cancer center across the street. They then went and called her. I was all shook up, it was just scary the way I didn't feel anything at all. Just to be safe the nurse wheeled me in a wheelchair to the ER, to check vitals and all that. Then, I was wheeled into a private room to have an EKG and get registered into the ER. I remember the nurse saying that I had gotten all pale and that my heart rate was way down. She thought I was having a seizure and that freaked me out. They have a medical term believe it or not about ehat happened to me. I can't remember what it was but I do remember that there is a nerve in your chest that connects from your heart to your brain and in response to either pain, sight of blood, needles, that stimulates that nerve and causes you to pass out. Simple.

Well, this has been too long already and nothing else exciting happened, so see ya!

Some pretty screencaps from Josh's latest performance! (Royal Variety Performance - London England, December 14th, 2004)


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