Broken Secrets

Friday, December 24, 2004

Yeah, I know it's really late. I've been so lazy with this blog. Sometimes it just feels like I don't have anything to write about. Well, tomorrow should be exciting, it's Christmas Eve! We're gonna have to open presents tomorrow since Mom won't be home on Christmas Day. We usually open them that day. Whoopee!

Today, I basically watched Gundam Wing. I was looking for particular episodes to watch. I really wanted to see the one where Heero goes insane in the Epyon and of course the last episode! They both brought back a lot of memories! I hope I can save up enough money to buy the box set! Gotta work some more...that's the key!

I emailed my friend Rachel and I'm probably going to be either sending or getting ready her present for tomorrow. I know it won't arrive by Christmas, I told her that. Hope it's ok with her. She knows what I'm getting her. I hinted way too much.
The fam and I just watched a really cheezy movie called Elf. There were some parts that were hilarious, but the movie was just too cheezy for my liking.

Gotta go. Have to wake up early to watch GMA cuz Josh's on!


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