Broken Secrets

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

I hate my life and everything in it.....

The future...oh why oh why does there even have to be a future? I am SO SICK AND TIRED of being asked, "What do you wanna be when you grow up?" I don't know what the fuck I wanna be so shut the fuck up about it. I hate my life, it's so boring and meaningless and stupid. I'm gonna be almost completely broke by tomorrow because I'll have to spend over $400 for my god-damned schoolbooks, when I spent over $900 paying for my fucking classes! I worked almost HALF THE YEAR to earn all the money I have in my account and by tomorrow it'll be almost gone.

God, I hate this fucking shit. I hate this fucking world. All they want is money and they don't care how desperate people will be to get what they want. I WANTED to take Rachel to see Josh in February, but that doesn't seem like a possibility now. Why can't I do anything for a friend who is LEAVING soon to go back to her homeland? I'm never gonna see her again and she's the only person that I'll be able to hang out with that's closer to me. After that, I'll be alone. I can't make friends at my college b/c all the ppl there are older than me.

The only thing good about my life is that I am obsessed but highly respect the wonderfully talented Josh Groban and post on boards where I can share my feelings wholly, whereas the rest of the world could care less.

I was never a person that grew up having dreams of what I wanted to be. I always thought that I could just go with the flow and then I'd find something. But now, I see that that's not possible.


Here's a picture:

Sunday, January 23, 2005

Josh's 2005 "LIVE" Tour is here!!

Hey all!

Well, guess what! Josh's 2005 Tour has started! As of yesterday!!! Whoopee! I can't wait to start hearing some more tour stories! There's even pictures up already! But, basically it's nothing new. No new songs and even the SET is the same! Although there were rumors going around that he's performing "My Confession." He didn't do that on the last tour. Let's keep fingers crossed that he is! Oh and speaking of performing songs, a lot of Grobies are pissed because he's not doing "Si Volvieras A Mi." Those two and "When You Say You Love Me" are the only songs that we haven't heard him sing live yet.

I didn't really do much today. I was so antsy to get on the board because I wanted to see if anyone had posted about the concert. They were pretty much the "OMG, he touched my hand", "OMG, I was sitting in the front row" and the "OMG, my dad got to play a late-night game of Blackjack WITH JOSH!!!!!" (the venue was by a casino) I still have to investigate that one! Hope it's true!

Other than this, didn't do much. I wanna go to Rockford with Rachel so badly before she leaves to go back to CanuckLand!

One picture and one icon that I found on this LJ:(

This is a KICK-ASS icon: (I can't remember who MADE it!!! ARGH!!!)

Thursday, January 20, 2005

Re: Stop bashing Josh's girlfriend!

I got a response back from Margie about the incident on the message board and this is what she said:

Thanks so much, Sierra!

I feel the same way you do. I think Josh and January make such a cute couple and yes, you can tell they adore eachother. I almost melted when I read the People magazine article where January says that even though they've been together for awhile, she still blushes when she sees Josh when he returns from touring. It reminded me of my husband and I (when we were that young! lol).Jealousy is ugly and sad. I hope they realize someday how much their words can hurt. Thanks again for taking the time to PM me!


I'm really grateful that I helped her in a way and I hope others see this who continually bash her and learn from this, because there may come a day when Josh sees this and may start thinking differently about his Grobanites.

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Stop bashing Josh's girlfriend!!!

Stop bashing Josh's girlfriend!!!!!

Ok, it's weird for me to post 2 times in one day, but this is getting ridiculous! I hate people who think that just because they don't know someone that they can STOMP all over them!!!

This girl started a thread with a harmless question, only to have a couple of posts later, her feeling guilty that she had even asked the question!

Here's my reply to her via PMing: (Private Messaging)

Marj, I recently visited the thread that you started on the questions forum about possibly seeing January in the audience at LatG.

A simple harmless question.

I scroll down and all of a sudden see things that are making me sick. It's not worth it to repeat them here. Then, I see your post at the very bottom of the thread saying that you were mad at yourself because you asked a harmless question. I just want to say that as a frequent inhabiter of this board, I'm sorry that you and many others had to go through this. I respect your decision in not wanting to take part in discussions about Ms. Jones for fear of being "hated." This is exactly what I have been doing. Unlike them, I choose to support Josh and his relationship with her because I've heard that someone met her and said that she was a wonderful person. Also, if you look at pictures of them together, you see that they care about each other deeply and they love being together. Sometimes, I'd like to see the looks on the faces of the people who choose to bash her when Josh does in fact happen to read any of this about his g/f. Will they be saddened? Will they leave the board? Will they feel any guilt that they've insulted her and Josh at all? They have absolutely no right to do that, no matter if it's their opinion or not. This is a PUBLIC MESSAGE BOARD! Millions of people read this everyday!!

I usually don't do things like this, but I felt I needed to reach out and support someone who feels like me in that these people who are jealous and want Josh all to themselves just so they can live in a fantasy.

I hope this helped you. You can PM or email me at if you want to talk.

Here's the thread if you want to see the actual evidence:

(EDIT -- 2:54PM) "Aragorn" and "You're Still You" fanlistings have dead links. Also "Teddy" fanlisting never resurfaced. No word from or sites that host those fanlistings.

First off, WHOOHOO!!! I finally finished that gosh-darn Star Wars book! The whole book was boring and I didn't get it until the end. But, now I'm onto better books like the Gossip Girl series. VERY ADDICTING!! You should really check it out!

Gotta love really cheesy 80s, that was random! Can't help it, I'm listening to Top Gun and rockin out baby!

Yep, today was my last day of Animation class! Yippee! Don't have to worry about long-term projects anymore! At least not in that class. Now, just gotta go on Friday and then Fall extended semester will be over!!! Basically, it was a waste to even come today. All we did was watch everybody's project and critique on them. What everybody liked about mine was the zooms and the lip-syncing. I was like, "Yay!"

OMG, did anyone see the pics of Josh at the GG's!!!! (Golden Globes) Yep, he was there, with his girlfriend, January of course! They were so B-E-A-U-tiful together! Josh looked hot in his tux w/ white tie! I'll post some pics down below! Then, he was interviewed by comedic people like ANT, (from the Dennis Miller show, who's GAY) and "Ross the Intern" (who's also GAY). Everybody who's a Josh fan should see those clips; they are so friggin' hilarious!! OMG, I was dying in my chair from laughing so hard! (go to and click on "Josh Media")

I made some beautiful J & J (Josh & January) banners, which one of them my sister helped me on and they turned out awesome! I'll post links!

Oh and sorry to end on a sad note, but the J-Man didn't win for "Best Original Song" for "Believe" at the Globes. 'Tis sad. Ah well, we still got the GRAMMYS!!! *sweats profusely*

Pics from Goldenie Globes:

Banners -- J & J (Jasc Paintshop Pro)

J & J -- (Microsoft Picture It!)

If you want more go to the JG board! Trust me, they're all there. Or you can try or

Sunday, January 16, 2005

Just watched the Tsunami Aid concert. Josh was beautiful. He sang "To Where You Are." Afterwards, he even helped out in manning the phones! You rock Josh!

Here's what I posted on the Josh board: PTC:

Hey guys! What's chillin?

So, who caught Josh's performance on the Tsunami Aid concert? Wasn't his choice of song just the best? I was hoping he'd sing TWYA and not YRMU, it was starting to get overplayed. And I did see the thread on the MF (Main Forum) about all the great quotes that Josh has said about US and his music over the years! It is such a blessing to be reminded constantly of WHY WE ARE TRULY HERE!!! See, that's the thing. I'm obsessed with Josh. I have to admit it and I can't help it either. When I like something as much as I like Josh, I go and find out everything there is to know about him. And I keep up with it too. Like we've all said, we're passionate about Josh and what we do for him and what he does for us. I don't think that my obsession is bad in any way. I think it's healthy because of the person that Josh is. He's NOT like other artists out there, who are complete jerks as some people have said. He IS the beautiful, caring, humble, Josh that we've come to know and love. There have been some confrontations on this board, but we do come out of them. We are so strong as a FAMILY. We must never forget that we are part of a family of friends who come together to share in this beautiful person that God brought us. Like Josh has said, "They're mine and I'm theirs!"


Goodnight everyone! Sweet Joshie dreams!

Just wanted to share a tidbit of what being a TRUE & LOYAL FAN (aka: A GROBANITE) in our eyes means to Josh.

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Josh, King of Grobania


I think every time Josh is either onstage or on TV, he should come with a WARNING LABEL!!! Slap it on his forehead, his chest, anywhere! (or maybe I shouldn't say that, hehe) I really don't think he knows what he's doing to us when he leaves so many buttons open on the bottoms of his shirts! Everytime he steps towards the edge of the stage, WHOOSH! It all goes up and millions of flashbulbs go off after that! I tell you, it's too much to handle as some of these pics below will show you!

Geez Louise, you wouldn't believe all the sexiness as in pictures, I've found on the FOJG message board! This man is just too damn hot!!! There's even a thread dubbed the "flapper" thread whereupon hundreds of pictures are slapped in your face with the TUMMY!!! Ack, I'll never forget the very first picture that showed some actual SKIN at one of his concerts! The JG board went totally, utterly, INSANE!!! It was literal pandemonium! And oh yeah, since finding some sexy pictures, I've posted some of them on appropriate threads such as, the "thigh" thread, the "Oh to be that Micstand" thread and the "Big, Brown Eyes" thread. Let me tell you, I am NOTORIOUS in the thigh thread for posting drop, dead gorgeous pictures! I was even included in one of their skits that they had on the board! The reactions I've gotten are the typical ones that I wanteed. One girl blubbered: OMG!!! TUMMY! TUMMY! TUMMY! TUMMY! TUMMY! TUMMY! TUMMY! TUMMY! TUMMY! TUMMY! TUMMY! TUMMY! TUMMY! TUMMY! TUMMY! TUMMY! TUMMY! And that's exactly the reaction I needed to get the gears in my head working.......

I posted this on FOJG:

I can just picture it now: Josh, in a spur of the moment, drops to his knees on the stage, Grobanites fainting in the audience, Josh looks down at his shirt, looks back up at us, gives us a smile and then one after another...after another......

Ok, enough Josh ramblings, here are the pics!
--Ping is so lucky sometimes when she gets shots like these!
--Here's the pic that sent the thighs, eyes and micstand threads through the roof! It's simply to die for!
--L oV e this picture! And there's a reason why it's called "floating!"
--This pic currently resides on the back of my assignment notebook! My favorite part of Josh! HIS EYES!!!

Thursday, January 06, 2005

Ok, so as for the technical additions to this, I added a whole bunch of fanlistings. A/A, Opening Theme for NGE, HP Movies, HP character, LOTR movies, Aragorn, Satine & Christian, SW movies, Obi-Wan Kenobi fanlisting and the SWBL fanlisting which is way at the bottom!

Ugh, I can't believe what happened to me two days ago. I wake up to someone pounding on my window, then going to ring the doorbell only to tell me that my car had been broken into! I couldn't f-ing believe it! Smashed the front passenger side window, tore out the entire dashboard where the clock, heating vents and radio were! What were they after, the radio! The entire cd/radio player was stuck in the gaping hole that was part of the dash. They made off with the face place, so that thing was completely useless to us now. But, we later concluded that they were scared off, by the way they were trying to get the radio out. It was completely jammed in there and there were marks on the side of the dash where they had been prying at it. Toyota Corrola's are made that way. You'd think the radio would come straight out once you unscrew the screws! Nope! Not in my car! You see, there's metal brackets holding the radio in place to make it harder to steal. So, in actuality, the only thing they stole was the faceplate. But, I remember I was paniked because I thought they had stolen my cell phone. Since I don't use it much, I would leave it in the car. Thank god, it was in the house, in my backpack. We later found out that the car wouldn't start either! When I first saw the car damaged, I noticed that the flashers were blinking! They left them on all night, probably accidentally hit the button when they were paniked. So, the battery was dead. My dad and I tried to jump start it with another one of our cars, but it didn't work. Tried it twice. But, in the end I ended up buying a new cd/radio for the car, WITH MY OWN MONEY and my dad bought a new battery for it too. But man, if they had actually STOLEN the car, it would've been history by now. We have no insurance for it. Now, I'm gonna remember to take the faceplate off each time I get out of the car.

Ok, now that's over. Did my f-ing Cinema class paper. The movie I watched was good. Tis called "The Dancer Upstairs." Should check it out.

Bought "Troy" today. Nothing much else happened.

Sunday, January 02, 2005

EDIT #3 (1/3/05 - 11:07PM): Added text link to I'VE BEEN SORTED!!! Added code for "Where Do You Belong?" quiz.

EDIT #2 (1/3/05 - 10:16PM): Checked fanlisting links, all fine. Added 2: "Blind Target" manga and "Episode Zero" manga. Teddy fanlisting is still not available. No word from

EDIT: Fixed fanlisting links. Teddy (Christian Bale's character in "Little Women") is gone. Will try and find it. Fixed Neon Genesis Evangelion fanlisting link, cuz it moved!

Ok, you're all probably wondering why I haven't posted in a while. Well, at least the people who don't know me. It's because I had my breast surgery on the 29th and I was feeling really shitty afterwards with nausea and vomiting and that sort of thing. It really, really suxed. And I don't feel like recounting it all here cuz I just wrote a really long email about it to someone. I'm just glad I'll be able to eat again!

So, I'm back and still obsessing over Josh and Anime. I recently joined a Yahoo Group that centralizes on the 5 voice actors from Gundam Wing. It's pretty cool. Got to meet one of them at an amine convention in 2002. That was a blast. His name's Brad Swaile and he's really cute and funny. I'll post pics here.

And it's so nice to be back on the Josh board. I watched an interview from SA (south africa) with all these crazy people calling in and telling him that they loved that he came to SA and that his music is so great! One guy called in and said, "God gave us two angels, one was Celine Dion, the other was Josh Groban." I thought that was the freakin best! You should've seen the look on his face! It was such a refresher hearing Josh's music again after not listening to it for a while. Josh is so hot......

Okie dokie, time for pics and bye bye!
A little banner....
Sexy pic of Josh!
Sexy wallpaper of Josh!
My desktop wallpaper!
Brad and I at Acen '02
Brad and ex-friends at Acen '02