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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

(EDIT -- 2:54PM) "Aragorn" and "You're Still You" fanlistings have dead links. Also "Teddy" fanlisting never resurfaced. No word from or sites that host those fanlistings.

First off, WHOOHOO!!! I finally finished that gosh-darn Star Wars book! The whole book was boring and I didn't get it until the end. But, now I'm onto better books like the Gossip Girl series. VERY ADDICTING!! You should really check it out!

Gotta love really cheesy 80s, that was random! Can't help it, I'm listening to Top Gun and rockin out baby!

Yep, today was my last day of Animation class! Yippee! Don't have to worry about long-term projects anymore! At least not in that class. Now, just gotta go on Friday and then Fall extended semester will be over!!! Basically, it was a waste to even come today. All we did was watch everybody's project and critique on them. What everybody liked about mine was the zooms and the lip-syncing. I was like, "Yay!"

OMG, did anyone see the pics of Josh at the GG's!!!! (Golden Globes) Yep, he was there, with his girlfriend, January of course! They were so B-E-A-U-tiful together! Josh looked hot in his tux w/ white tie! I'll post some pics down below! Then, he was interviewed by comedic people like ANT, (from the Dennis Miller show, who's GAY) and "Ross the Intern" (who's also GAY). Everybody who's a Josh fan should see those clips; they are so friggin' hilarious!! OMG, I was dying in my chair from laughing so hard! (go to and click on "Josh Media")

I made some beautiful J & J (Josh & January) banners, which one of them my sister helped me on and they turned out awesome! I'll post links!

Oh and sorry to end on a sad note, but the J-Man didn't win for "Best Original Song" for "Believe" at the Globes. 'Tis sad. Ah well, we still got the GRAMMYS!!! *sweats profusely*

Pics from Goldenie Globes:

Banners -- J & J (Jasc Paintshop Pro)

J & J -- (Microsoft Picture It!)

If you want more go to the JG board! Trust me, they're all there. Or you can try or


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