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Sunday, January 02, 2005

EDIT #3 (1/3/05 - 11:07PM): Added text link to I'VE BEEN SORTED!!! Added code for "Where Do You Belong?" quiz.

EDIT #2 (1/3/05 - 10:16PM): Checked fanlisting links, all fine. Added 2: "Blind Target" manga and "Episode Zero" manga. Teddy fanlisting is still not available. No word from

EDIT: Fixed fanlisting links. Teddy (Christian Bale's character in "Little Women") is gone. Will try and find it. Fixed Neon Genesis Evangelion fanlisting link, cuz it moved!

Ok, you're all probably wondering why I haven't posted in a while. Well, at least the people who don't know me. It's because I had my breast surgery on the 29th and I was feeling really shitty afterwards with nausea and vomiting and that sort of thing. It really, really suxed. And I don't feel like recounting it all here cuz I just wrote a really long email about it to someone. I'm just glad I'll be able to eat again!

So, I'm back and still obsessing over Josh and Anime. I recently joined a Yahoo Group that centralizes on the 5 voice actors from Gundam Wing. It's pretty cool. Got to meet one of them at an amine convention in 2002. That was a blast. His name's Brad Swaile and he's really cute and funny. I'll post pics here.

And it's so nice to be back on the Josh board. I watched an interview from SA (south africa) with all these crazy people calling in and telling him that they loved that he came to SA and that his music is so great! One guy called in and said, "God gave us two angels, one was Celine Dion, the other was Josh Groban." I thought that was the freakin best! You should've seen the look on his face! It was such a refresher hearing Josh's music again after not listening to it for a while. Josh is so hot......

Okie dokie, time for pics and bye bye!
A little banner....
Sexy pic of Josh!
Sexy wallpaper of Josh!
My desktop wallpaper!
Brad and I at Acen '02
Brad and ex-friends at Acen '02


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