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Sunday, January 23, 2005

Josh's 2005 "LIVE" Tour is here!!

Hey all!

Well, guess what! Josh's 2005 Tour has started! As of yesterday!!! Whoopee! I can't wait to start hearing some more tour stories! There's even pictures up already! But, basically it's nothing new. No new songs and even the SET is the same! Although there were rumors going around that he's performing "My Confession." He didn't do that on the last tour. Let's keep fingers crossed that he is! Oh and speaking of performing songs, a lot of Grobies are pissed because he's not doing "Si Volvieras A Mi." Those two and "When You Say You Love Me" are the only songs that we haven't heard him sing live yet.

I didn't really do much today. I was so antsy to get on the board because I wanted to see if anyone had posted about the concert. They were pretty much the "OMG, he touched my hand", "OMG, I was sitting in the front row" and the "OMG, my dad got to play a late-night game of Blackjack WITH JOSH!!!!!" (the venue was by a casino) I still have to investigate that one! Hope it's true!

Other than this, didn't do much. I wanna go to Rockford with Rachel so badly before she leaves to go back to CanuckLand!

One picture and one icon that I found on this LJ:(

This is a KICK-ASS icon: (I can't remember who MADE it!!! ARGH!!!)


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