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Sunday, January 16, 2005

Just watched the Tsunami Aid concert. Josh was beautiful. He sang "To Where You Are." Afterwards, he even helped out in manning the phones! You rock Josh!

Here's what I posted on the Josh board: PTC:

Hey guys! What's chillin?

So, who caught Josh's performance on the Tsunami Aid concert? Wasn't his choice of song just the best? I was hoping he'd sing TWYA and not YRMU, it was starting to get overplayed. And I did see the thread on the MF (Main Forum) about all the great quotes that Josh has said about US and his music over the years! It is such a blessing to be reminded constantly of WHY WE ARE TRULY HERE!!! See, that's the thing. I'm obsessed with Josh. I have to admit it and I can't help it either. When I like something as much as I like Josh, I go and find out everything there is to know about him. And I keep up with it too. Like we've all said, we're passionate about Josh and what we do for him and what he does for us. I don't think that my obsession is bad in any way. I think it's healthy because of the person that Josh is. He's NOT like other artists out there, who are complete jerks as some people have said. He IS the beautiful, caring, humble, Josh that we've come to know and love. There have been some confrontations on this board, but we do come out of them. We are so strong as a FAMILY. We must never forget that we are part of a family of friends who come together to share in this beautiful person that God brought us. Like Josh has said, "They're mine and I'm theirs!"


Goodnight everyone! Sweet Joshie dreams!

Just wanted to share a tidbit of what being a TRUE & LOYAL FAN (aka: A GROBANITE) in our eyes means to Josh.


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