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Saturday, February 19, 2005

Josh Groban rules.....

I am so pissed off! I absolutely hate it when people try to understand my obsession with Josh. Then they make fun of me and I feel bad about myself because I spend so much time worrying about him. Well, everyone can just FUCK OFF! I know I have no life and that I spend most of it on the internet, but there is a lot more than you think about Josh that NO ONE WANTS TO UNDERSTAND!! It's not about his voice or his looks! I don't go walking around everyday forcing people to like Josh or to listen to him! I know better than that!

If any of you ever spent 2 hours on that message board that I post on, you would truly see why I support him the way I do! HE CHANGES PEOPLES LIVES!!! HE TRULY CARES ABOUT HIS FANS ENOUGH THAT HE POSTS ON THE BOARDS ALSO!!! PEOPLE HAVE BEEN LIFTED OUT OF THE WATERS BECAUSE OF HIS MUSIC, GIVING THEM A NEW LIFE!!! I know it's corny, but it's true! I have never seen an artist affect someone the way Josh does! It truly is amazing!

The Grobanites raise money for his foundation, for other foundations, we even raised money for the TSUNAMI RELIEF!!! It's just sad that people don't want to respect artists that actually want to change something in this world. That's what we want to do. We want to spread the Josh because we feel he is someone unique. He isn't like anyone else out there. Who have you ever heard that actually cares about their fans enough to listen to them! No one I've heard! There are so many other artists out there who are cruel to their fans, such as Britney and Usher. They don't give a rats ass about them! All they care about is money and what they can make off of us fans to get more money!

Time and time again Josh has been astounded by the support that he's received from his fans! I've seen so many testimonies from fans who have been to his concerts and have been wowed at how much fun Josh really is! I remember when I went to the Aug. 8th, 2004 concert in Tinley Park when You Raise Me Up was playing and all the glowpens were raised in the air, it was such an uplifting moment. Such a moment to be a fan. There have also been moments during standing O's when Josh would get teary-eyed because he knows how much his fans support him.

Josh has a wonderful personality. He is funny, witty and carelessly devotes himself to whatever he is doing with his music. He never misses a beat and we are always there right behind him.
I know I've had a life-changing experience discovering Josh. There just isn't simply anyone else like him out there. I have never seen such devotion in an artist like we the Grobanites have done. I have to admit, when I first started posting on the board in 2003, I was overwhelmed by all the acclaimed "silliness" that was going on, all the inside jokes. But, now that is what makes the board fun. I've met so many ppl on that board and have established quite a residence there. And even though they may be a lot older than me, they have continually given me support throughout my time there.

In conclusion, all of this was written with truth. Nothing I have said here is false. I strongly urge you to check out some of the places on here, before you judge me and what I like. Because I absolutely cannot tolerate when people try to talk about something they don't understand. It dehumanizes me.



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