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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

School, NSYNC and the GRAMMY's.....

Whoohoo, I'm finally updating! Omg, I've been wanting to do it for a while, but then school got in the way (spring semester started Monday) and now it seems like that'll be my main focus for a while. But, I'll make sure to get on here as much as possible. (I try to make as much time for everything as I can during my day) Speaking of school, looks like Biology and English are going to be the bitches of the semester, but that's not your problem, it's mine. My teachers all are very nice, although I wish I had my old English teacher back (and NOT because he was kinda cute!!!) I liked English better with him!

Ok, now onto the topic of choice! First it was ANIME, now NSYNC!!! What is wrong with me! I swear, I'm rediscovering my old obsessions and actually starting to like them again! Wait a minute, what am I saying I've always liked them, I just got over my obsession a long time ago. I kinda wish they were back together though, I loved going to their concert in 1999. It was my first concert too! I was watching some of my old tapes and uh wow, I'd forgotten how good their dance moves were!

So today is both my parents and grandparents anniversary!!! My parents: 18yrs. my grandparents: 49yrs, I think. So, my parents are out to dinner! I had McDonald's cheeseburgers for dinner! Yummy!

The GRAMMY's are on next weekend! Go Josh!

Oh yeah, I got some sweet pics to show!
Killer smile!
OMG, more buttons are UNBUTTONED!!!
I just love the looks on two of the girl's faces! Priceless!
Lucky bitch!
Whoohoo! I made this!
Put your hands up!
Hot JC!


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