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Friday, February 18, 2005

School...GRAMMY'S.....Tour Vid..... and more school!

So, since my last update, school has gotten even MORE demanding! I have to study for a HUGE bio test (covering 5 chapters) for Tuesday and I have to write a 4 page paper by Wednesday that has something to do with our research topics that we picked! Once again there goes the procrastinating.....

Josh didn't win the GRAMMY. In actuality, I'm not surprised. It's going to take a while before ANYONE in the higher-up music industry notices that REAL TALENT such as Josh should get recognized for something! I've kinda gotten immune to him losing to nominated awards! But, the OSCARS are coming! And it's Josh's BIRTHDAY!!! Feb. 27th! The big 'OL 24!!! So, I know what I'll be doing that night! What about you? (Oh and make sure to watch not only to cheer Josh and Glen Ballard if they win for "Best Original Song In A Motion Picture", but also watch because Josh'll be singing "Believe" with Beyonce! *triple-crosses fingers hoping she doesn't screw it up!*) And as Josh said, "The Grammy's are fun, but the Oscars is the premiere event for Hollywood!"

OMG.....Jeff (Josh's tour videographer) posted a BRAND NEW tour vid from the road! Waaaa! It's so freakin' cool! I LOVE the music, especially that funky synthesizer stuff during the middle of it! And PLUS, I made screencaps! I'll post a bit here!

Well, that's all for now! Ciao!

And here's the AWESOME tour vid:
-Tis my favorite one!

And here's the whole album!


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