Broken Secrets

Friday, February 25, 2005

What a hectic day.......

So, school's been a bitch. I've had so much reading to do, and quizzes and tests to study for. *sighs* This is gonna be a short post. Oh yeah, my layout's gonna change too. I'm not saying to what, but this'll probably be the last post for this one.

So, I'm sorry about the last post I made about a certain person that I know. That's all I'm going to say for that. I'm really, really sorry.

The Oscars are this weekend! Go Josh & Glen Ballard! That's all I'm gonna be doing Sunday, besides working.

I really hope my best friend is gonna be ok. She's not having a good time.

My mom had another heart murmur today. The reason I say "another" is because it's happened in the past, although I was very young when it happened. I hugged her when she came home.

And last but not least, LOST this past Wednesday was awesome! Full of surprises! It was so good! Here's a picture of what I take to get downtown everyday!

Looking forward to the Oscars!


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