Broken Secrets

Sunday, March 20, 2005

Trees....Death and Dying...3rd Tour Vid......

Why kill trees? Is there any point in doing it? Why cut off the bottom branches of trees just because they are getting "too long?" It's every car owner's worst nightmare, because you know what happens when there's no bottom branches to protect those trees? The birds poop everywhere! I have a car that sits outside every day because our garage is not big enough to fit three cars!

I just don't think it's right. They don't even cut the trees properly. They're only supposed to cut off a few branches and leave it, but they end up cutting all the bottom branches so there's nothing to catch the poop when it falls! Stupid SAS....... (Streets and Sanitation)

The second topic of this post is on more of a serious tone that concerns my immediate family. My grandma died yesterday in her home with my grandpa, my mom and my mom's brother watching. I came home from work yesterday and got the news. Then, I went over there, cried a lot and looked at old pictures. It was extremely sad thinking about all the good times we had together and how she would spoil us silly and loved cats. She had breast cancer twice, once about five or six years ago and then again recently, which ultimately led to her passing. Once the doctor said that she needed to stop chemo, (because it was making her too sick) she gave up on living. We then had to provide hospice care and my mom had to go over there after work everyday to help my grandfather out and comfort her as well. I think what I'm really crushed over was that I never got to say goodbye. The last time she saw me I think was right after my surgery, saying that I looked really nice. I didn't like the fact that I was at work when she died, even though my mom said that she was glad that I wasn't there when she passed because she was suffering those last few hours. I'm ultimately glad that she isn't suffering anymore because she was so depressed and out of touch those last few weeks. At least I know she's in a better place now.

I'm taking off work these next two days because of the wake and funeral.

Sorry to end on such a cheery note but, the Jeffmeister posted the 3rd Tour Vid over at FOJG.

Monday, March 14, 2005

Oh, the randomness.....

So, basically this is going to be a brainless entry since everything's been pretty much the same since I last posted. I never have any time anymore because of you know what and Josh is the only thing keeping me sane right now......speaking of him....OMG.....*sexiness picture posted below* AHHHHHH.....the sexiest alive! This is one flippin', sex-lovin', "come-hither" look!!! Ahh, must check out! (I'm starting to sound like that girl from livejournal: haha!

<----- My wallpaper is H-O-T-T!!!

Spring break is almost here! Thank god, or I'm gonna DIE!!! TOO MUCH WORK!!

Oh, yeah and I'm definitely going to be working over break! That kinda sux because I have MID-TERMS coming up!!!

Oh and thank god I kinda got rid of that annoying thing with my contacts (or my whole right eye) for that matter! Was driving me crazy!!!

To all my friends: sorry I haven't been know the excuse! :)

OMFG! The 2nd Tour vid is flippin' awesome!!! Check it out!!! W00T!!!!


Friday, March 04, 2005

Long 1st post of brand new layout!

Hey everyone! How's it been since I last posted! So, by now you've noticed the NEW LAYOUT!! Isn't it PIMP!! I love it! And it's in my fave color too! PURPLE!!! I also chose this layout because I absolutely ADORE these two! That's why I support them so much! Plus, there's WAY too much bickering at the boards over January! They just need to get over themselves! She's such a nice person (not that I've met her myself or anything, LOL) but there are some people who've met her and have said that she is adorable! And she's great to have a guy like Josh to have as a boyfriend!

So, what's my excuse for not posting in a while! What's the obvious? School! It's just this semester has been really demanding and hectic and you're probably sick and tired of hearing me say this! :)

There's also been a lot happening in Josh's world since I last posted! First, he had his 24th birthday on Feb. 27th, plus he performed with Beyonce that same night! He was a KNOCKOUT!! Not to mention he wore that same black suit he's been wearing on his current tour! I swear he was in prime condition that night! He hit every note, was smiling the whole time, was confident (even though he sounded nervous at the beginning), I just couldn't stop being happy for him! Even though "Believe" didn't win, I thought that performance was the highlight of the night! They even got a Standing O! Now, how cool is that to get a Standing O @ the Oscars! HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOSH & CHRIS!!! (Yes, Chris is his brother and they have the same b-day 4 years apart! I think Chris is 19!)

The next thing was that he was on Oprah for the 5th time on 3/2/05!!! OMG!!! Gayle (Oprah's friend and assistant who introduced Josh to Oprah) is so gosh darn lucky! She got a visit from Josh in her office which she didn't even know about! Plus, she even got serenaded by him! He sang WYSYLM (When You Say You Love Me, a song us Grobanites have NEVER heard him sing LIVE!). At the end after she said, "Yes, I'll marry you!," he got down on one knee and sang the last verse of the song, even putting in her own name in the last verse! "When you say you love me, oh do you know, Gayle I love you!" Ugh...that was quite possibly THE best part!

Anyways, that's basically all that's been happening, except yesterday on the train I talked with this guy from my Bio & Soc. Sci. class! His name's Marty and he's 20 and wants to be a firefighter! Then, there's this other guy in my Bio class, his name's Josh as well...he makes fun of me a lot! The little bugger!