Broken Secrets

Monday, March 14, 2005

Oh, the randomness.....

So, basically this is going to be a brainless entry since everything's been pretty much the same since I last posted. I never have any time anymore because of you know what and Josh is the only thing keeping me sane right now......speaking of him....OMG.....*sexiness picture posted below* AHHHHHH.....the sexiest alive! This is one flippin', sex-lovin', "come-hither" look!!! Ahh, must check out! (I'm starting to sound like that girl from livejournal: haha!

<----- My wallpaper is H-O-T-T!!!

Spring break is almost here! Thank god, or I'm gonna DIE!!! TOO MUCH WORK!!

Oh, yeah and I'm definitely going to be working over break! That kinda sux because I have MID-TERMS coming up!!!

Oh and thank god I kinda got rid of that annoying thing with my contacts (or my whole right eye) for that matter! Was driving me crazy!!!

To all my friends: sorry I haven't been know the excuse! :)

OMFG! The 2nd Tour vid is flippin' awesome!!! Check it out!!! W00T!!!!



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