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Monday, April 04, 2005

Josh Pics......Happy Dance and Star Wars: Episode III.......

*insert mood here* What kind of mood are you in? Right now, I'm happy! Even though it's 7:12AM and I have to leave for school in like 2omins, I'm still happy! It's because I went online and found out about my grades! They are super-good! 2 B's, 1 A and 1 C. Whoopeee! I got a B in Biology! *does happy dance* Josh pics resurfaced on the net! They aren’t exactly “new”, we just haven’t seen them before! But man, they are H-O-T-T!!! And I literally mean it this time! Just check out my wallpaper!

<---------------- O_O

Star Wars: Episode III: Revenge of the Sith! O_______O *gulps* Looks like to be an awesome movie! I just got the book yesterday, the 2nd and I haven’t really started reading it yet 'cuz I still have another book to read for school that I have to write a paper on that I'm currently reading. 'Tis very interesting though. I've mostly been hanging out here: spoiling myself silly about SW!

May 19th...gulp...omg...going to be best Star Wars ever! If you don’t want to be SPOILED...stay off the internet PERIOD!!!

4th Tour Vid was posted a couple weeks ago by Jeff! Two more to go!

Picces!!!! <-----he's autographing himself!! LOL!


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Just wondering where the video clips of josh were found???

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