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Sunday, June 19, 2005

Filler post.....more "Island" screencaps, work and the 6th tour vid

This probably won't be a major update at all, just like a filler update since I'm getting bored with my last one.

I've added some food fanlistings. Go check them out at the bottom as well as the others.

Anyways, we are currently "tearing up the house" because we'll be getting hardwood flooring in the living room and we'll be re-painting my sister's room a green color. Of course nothing will be done to my room. My parent's room will also be redone.

I've made some more "Island" screencaps. I'll post those below. I also found a sexy Ewan "Island" wallpaper. I'll post that as well.

Ewan "Island" wallpaper:

The 6th and last Tour Vid was posted a couple of weeks ago and they had some scenes from the Rockford, IL show that Josh did. I remember reading on the boards that some questionable stuff happened at the show. There was one girl who shouted out after Josh had finished a song, "I wanna f**k you!" Um.......yeah, NOT something to say to Josh Groban during one of his concerts. Check that one off the list. Also, please don't bring as a gift, provocative clothing for Josh to wear. Yes, someone did actually present Josh with a THONG as a gift, wrapped in a tiny box with a note reading: "For the ROCK STAR that you are, please open now." And yes, they did show that during the video..............screencaps by NCGrobanFan to follow.

6th Tour Vid

You should've seen the look on his face.

I will be finally getting weekends off from work and having a normal workday schedule, Mon-Fri. WHOOPEEE!!

I'm starting to watch Disney movies again. I just watched "Mulan" yesterday and I think I'm gonna go watch "The Hunchback of Notre Dame" right now.

Bought these:



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