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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Fandoms....they are truly ways of life....

Ok, so you've probably noticed the new layout! It's called Legacy because the two relationships that are represented in the graphic (Christian & Satine and Josh and Lexie Groban) are in fact legacies of their own. One is from a movie, the other from a fictional story. I highly recommend checking out both.

So, I thought that to start off this new layout, I should share some of my favorite fictional relationships and some of the songs that remind me of them.

((Graphic Heavy)) -- Downloadable music files below!

Ship: Christian & Satine
From: Moulin Rouge
Song: Elephant Love Medley or Come What May

Ship: Josh Groban & Lexie London
From: Through the Night (Fanfiction)
Happy: A New Day Has Come -- Celine Dion
Sad: Batman Begins Soundtrack Track 11 -- Corynorhinus

Ship: Obi-Wan Kenobi & Padme Amidala
From: various fanfictions written on the net, inspired by Star Wars
Song: With or Without You -- U2

Ship: Harry Potter & Hermione Granger
From: various fanfictions written on the net, inspired by Harry Potter
Song: none :(

Ship: Aragorn & Arwen
From: Lord of the Rings
Song: The Evenstar


Again, these are only some of the pairings that I like, trust me there are a lot more, but I felt that the best should be mentioned here.

In other news:

---I finally got my JGF wristband!!!
---I also have a BORDERS "Care" wristband!
---I bought, The Island, Batman Begins, The Best of Mandy Moore, The Thief Lord, and The Crueling Miles, which are both books.
---MY BIRTHDAY IS COMING!!! (August 10th)


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