Broken Secrets

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Medieval Times....Outlaw Star...Last week of summer break

Sorry I haven't posted in a while, been pre-occupied with the TV and anime. I had fun on my birthday, we went to Medieval Times which is seriously, a rockin' place to have a party. This was my second time being there, so I was basically telling everybody in the fam what was going to happen. We ended up being in the Blue Knight section this time. (I was in the Red/Yellow Knight section the first time.) And if any of you's don't know what Medieval Times is all about well it's basically like this, you sit in this huge arena according to what crown you were given when you enter and you are given a feast and a tournament to watch while you cheer on your knight. It's really a lot of fun.

But, the best part about that night was....OUR KNIGHT WON THE TOURNAMENT He was the CHAMPION!

And he was CUTE too! We ended up getting autographs at the end and I found out his name is Vincent! Everytime he rode past our section, he flash this humongous smile and throw flowers into the audience! I didn't catch one though :(

One other thing to mention...that announcer guy was hilarious!

I have a few clips as well as pictures that I'll post below!

NOTE: You MUST have Quicktime in order to view the clips.

Clip 1:

Blue Knight Meets With Princess Esperanza
Aug. 14th 2005
Medieval Times: Schaumburg, Illinois

Clip 2:

Blue Knight vs. Yellow Knight
Aug. 14th 2005
Medieval Times: Schaumburg, Illinois


--It was horribly dark in the arena, so that's why this picture did not come out very well.

--This was after the show. Blue Knight and Red Knight sitting on their thrones waiting for autographs.

--I took this picture, but this IS NOT ME!! This is my sister getting a lucky picture with Sir Vincent from Casa Valiente.


Ok, the other thing I wanted to say is that I got my birthday presents and one of them was the Outlaw Star Perfect Collection Box Set. As soon as I put it on, all the Toonami memories came flooding back. The theme song, "Through the Night" was also rockin'. It's a fun, space thriller series. I enjoyed it very much after not having seen it for a while. I may even make a layout of it AND I've aquired a new relationship, Gene x Melfina.

Oh yeah, and starting tomorrow it's my last week of break. Ugh.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Happy Birthday......

Yep, today's my birthday! I'm officially 19! You wanna know how I celebrated it? I watched lots and lots of Gundam Wing. Yeah, that's what I did.

Sorry, I've kind of been GW obsessed ever since I bought the boxset of the entire series. I ain't gonna tell you how much it was and I used my own money! HAHA! Plus, watching GW brings back memories of when I was in 6th grade and me and my sis would come home and watch Toonami It was a bittersweet memory.

So, besides watching GW that has also got me going on another relationship that I should've added to the list. Heero x Relena Now, if you watch the show they do seem to have their moments, which I'm eternally grateful for, but you almost wish that there was more than that. I'm almost finished watching the series, (there's 49 episodes) and I know there's a HxR scene coming up pretty soon.

Other than that, I work and have been reading this hilarious Josh x Lucia fic at Joshfics. It's called There is More.

See ya!