Broken Secrets

Friday, October 07, 2005

Jack & Kate.....Jaters Rule!

Ok, so if you don't know what Jate means by now, I just gave you a simple explanation in this posts title.

I'm planning on changing the layout to that too. Yippee!

Seriously, LOST rocks right now! I am loving this new season and I am STILL watching Season 1's DVD's. Hee-hee. I'm obsessed I know.

Oh yeah and I forgot about Jack. *thud's & dies at the same time*

Yeah, he's married in real life but I don't care. He's friggin hot!!!

So, here's a picture to prove it. Please tell me that this isn't hot. *sarcasm*

Oh and OMG....this is the reason for this entire post.

If you want to watch Lost, please watch it for these reasons:

Yeah, I bet you're going to watch it now. Hee-hee.

In Josh news....

He performed on the Today Show on Sept. 26th and sang "America" and "Smile" and looked increibly sexy and sounded wonderful!

And here's an icon I made of a certain picture:

There's going to be a chat on MSN on October 11th! See you there!

Love you guys, Lost Rules! Airs Wednesday nights @ 8pm (CST) on ABC!