Broken Secrets

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

It's been a while...

Yeah, you're all probably going to yell at me because of how long it's been since I posted. Well, as of right now A LOT has happened since I last posted and I'm gonna try and give a summary as to what's happened...

Blog Status:

I'm actually not happy about it. I emailed the girl who does the layouts and never got a reply back and my graphic is not working on the main page. Don't know what's up with that.


I'm definitely getting a laptop for Christmas!!!! Yay!!!! With a CD/DVD burner and Internet too! I can't wait! The screen resolution has been changed on this computer so instead of being 800x600, it's now 1024x728. So, any desktops that I post are going to be in that size.

LOST:'s been so good so far. In episode 2x06 somebody died and guess who it was!!! Shannon! Have to say that I'm actually glad that she's dead because she wasn't giving anything to the story after Boone died in Season 1. So, they (the writers) made it a sappy episode with flashbacks of Shannon's life and then at the end after Sayid said "I love you!" BOOM...gone. Just like that.

And I'm not even telling who the killer was.

Now, episode 2x07 just passed and that episode gave us a background on what happened to the Tailies as they're being called. (people who survived the crash that were in the back of the plane) Verrry interesting it was. *shameless Yoda plug*

Now, this week, 2x08 Collision and all I've gotta say is WHOA, this is gonna be a riot!

Lost -- 2x08 Collison US Promo

2005 World Champion Chicago White Sox:

On October 26th, 2005, a miracle upon miracles happened in Houston, TX. The White Sox beat the Houston Astros in a 4-0 sweep of the '05 World Series.

Pandemonium....Ticker-Tape Parade...Rally at Intersection of Wacker and LaSalle follow.....

I went to the parade, and the rally, and the coming-home party when they drove down West 63rd street on their way to their off-season homes. Got some great video footage. 'Course there's no way for me to upload it. Pre-ordered the DVD. Got tons of White Sox memorabilia, including a custom-made jersey that I wore for Halloween at work. It says '24, Crede' on the back. Joe Crede was awesome during the games that I saw him in. He should've been made MVP, and not Jermaine Dye. He saved the Sox's asses a few times during games.

And also, Paul Konerko's GRAND SLAM in Game 3 of the World Series was something I'll never forget. I remember my mom saying that he was going to do it during the commercials as a joke, and sure enough on the first hit, he got it!!!


And we cannot forget about Scottie Posednik's walk-off homer in Game 2 of the World Series! That was freakin' awesome!!! It was the last play of the game and we were kind of in a jam and Scottie goes and hits his FIRST EVER homer in the postseason!!!

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire:

Woo-hoo! It came out last weekend and it was seriously THE BEST of them all so far. It was hilariously funny and Voldemort was actually frightening. Also, we had such a great time during the pre-show antics. We were all so high on candy and soda (by "we" I mean me, my sis, my mom and a bunch of my sis's friends) that we were cracking weird jokes and getting weird looks. I remember all the people screaming when the WB logo came up. I love when stuff like that happens!

Also, another plus in seeing the movie was hearing Josh's "Mi Mancherai" being played during a movie preview!!! heavenly. The movie was "Lady in the Water."


Not much going on the JG front, except that a few pictures were floating around that showed January, his girlfriend, wearing a ring on her left hand. But, again it was a false rumor. I remembered when I first heard about it, my hands got really sweaty and cold and I had chills running down my back.

And those weren't bad symptoms, I would've been ecstatic if I heard that they were engaged! No denying and no sarcasm here! For crying out loud, they've been going out for 2 YEARS!!!!

And yes, Josh was at U.S. Cellular Field on opening day of the World Series. Yeah, I found that out AFTER we had tried to get tickets and successfully failed. Believe me, I was crushed! Do you want to know what would've happened to me if I had gone and didn't know about it! I WOULD'VE DIED!

To end the are things that I've made and some audio/video clips that I've grown liking and maybe you will too!

Feeder -- Feeling A Moment MP3

Lostzilla's "Take Me Away" vid featuring Jack/Kate/Ana-Lucia from LOST