Broken Secrets

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Mood: Content
Reading: The Andromeda Strain by: M-Crichton
Listening: Fields of Gold - Sting
Watching: The Island (time count: 15:21)

++Post Start: 10:26PM++

****So apparently something hacked/comprmised my comp and I had to use the recovery disc to save my brand new start here.

Got up around 9:30, stayed on the computer all day talking to dawn and what not.
Installed NTI-CD-Maker on my comp 'cuz the crappy shit they gave me was well just shit.
Watched a lot of videos via Yahoo! Music has some really good videos up! I would recommend

Beautiful Goodbye - Jack/Kate
Born to Run - The Sory of Kate Austen
Fields Of Gold

****I now have 5 email addresses....I would recommend using the ones that I use as "main or "main/alternate" - main - main/alternate - alternate - alternate - alternate

Installed Yahoo! Messenger and Windows Messenger.

***Next Week

-1/17 School begins!
-1/18 LOST: 2x11 The Hunting Party 8pm!

++Post End: 10:56PM++

++EDIT: 1/16/06 12:51PM++
Added 5 new fanlistings: Fellowship of the Ring(movie), The Island(movie), Take Me Away/Lifehouse(song), Michael Crichton(author), Lucia Micarelli(musician).
Deleted some 'cuz they were closed.


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