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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

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Reading: The Andromeda Strain by M-Crichton
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Watching: LOTR: Fellowship of the Ring!

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First day of school! Yaay! I had Psychology today and it looks to be an interesting class. This one guy during our introductions has two tattoos, one of a rose for his mom and one of a skull and crossbones for his dad when he had a liver transplant.

There's no homework in the class except read the book, take good notes and study hard, plus a presentation. What fun. *sarcasm*

But, that's not the best news of the day! The best news is:

Joe Crede signed with the Sox for a one-year 2.6 million dollar contract. I think that makes it so he'll stay till 2008. Thus, he avoids arbitration. (process of becoming a free agent, which means you're up for grabs for another team)



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Added 3 new fanlistings: Michael Buble(musician), Starbucks(store), The Island(movie)

***This Week

1/18 LOST 2x11: The Hunting Party! 8pm!

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Added 3 new fanlistings: Nazgul(Ringwraiths)-FOTR character, "Fields of Gold"(song) and Hot Chocolate(drink)

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Added 3 new fanlistings: Evangeline Lilly(actress), Conan O'Brien(TV Personality) and Evenstar necklace(from LOTR)


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