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Sunday, February 12, 2006

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Reading: Memoirs of a Geisha by A-Golden
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Watching: Olympics/Scrubs

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Please visit my brand-spanking new Livejournal Burning-Souls for continuing coverage of the 2006 Olympic Winter Games in Torino, Italy.

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EDIT: 6:36pm

So, even if it's one of the templates from the Blogger site, at least I have a layout! I actually quite like it!

EDIT: 2/13/06 5:50pm

Added 1 fanlisting: Scrubs(television show)

EDIT: 2/19/05 - 3:39pm

Sorry, I'm not doing another post until the Olympics are over. I want to keep that announcement about my LJ up there so that people can be directed to it. Most, if not all of my fanlisting links are working. If they are not, either the site is down, the owner is switching layouts, or the owner is switching servers. It could also be that the fanlisting has been closed and someone else will pick up the subject when they apply for it. I chose to leave the "down" links as they are because I want people to know that it is closed/down/404ed for a reason instead of leaving the graphic there with no link.

Also, LOST-FORUM.COM and LOST-MEDIA.COM have been hacked! Do not visit these sites and if you are a member of the boards, I suggest logging out so as not to endanger your computer from malicious hacking. The mods on the boards have advised to not even visit the forum until they have everything cleared up. More on this when it becomes available.


Blogger Dawnmarie said...

you aren't going to keep this anymore?? Totally no fun

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