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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

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Omg...I've got some good news on Josh's upcoming album! First, it's slated to come out this summer! Then, back in 2003 when Josh was working on Closer, he collaborated on 2 tracks from that album with a world group called Deep Forest. (The tracks were Remember When It Rained and Never Let Go) Well, courtesy of Pierre Jacquot's website ( Josh is working with them again and they even said that his album will be more "worldly." Cool...let's just hope he doesn't forget how he started.

Courtesy of (

02.06.06 - Eric Mouquet and Pierre Jacquot (sound engineer for Deep Forest) spent a few days at Eric's home studio in January recording music with Josh Groban. Josh's previous album Closer sold over 6 million albums worldwide and included two songs co-composed and arranged by Eric. The new album will be available this summer, and is expected to be more "worldly". During their session Pierre had a chance to compare 7 high-end microphones he was loaned for testing. Josh was very impressed with the recording quality.

Also, there are some "new" old pics on Pierre Jacquot's website that were from the 2003 session. Here's a preview but if you want the rest go here: Josh '03 Closer session pics

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2/8/06: LOST: 2x13: The Long Con!
2/10/06: Buble on Letterman (rescheduled from Mon.)

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