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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

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Well, something happened today, well actually yesterday that I thought would never happen. I don't know if any of you know that I've been listening to a LOST podcast ever since Season 2 started. That particular podcast was Ryan & Jen's "The Transmission" located here Transmission. Well, today I go on the site to see if they're going to have another theory show because tonight's episode is a re-run. Then, I come across this:

Trans 2006-01-31: "Aloha"
January 30th, 2006

There's so much more we should have said, and yet we know we could never have said enough. "The Transmission" must end, but we hope you've enjoyed the ride at least half as much as we have. We'll never be able to fully thank you for sharing your love of "Lost" with us, and for making our little show something truly remarkable. We look forward to joining you in the fantastic "Lost" fan community, and to tuning in to the "Lost Podcasting Network" for our fix of some true LostCasting talent. Mahalo a nui loa, and aloha.

The first thing that came out of my mouth was "What!" Then all the "why's" started coming. So, I listened to their 8 minute goodbye and basicaly they didn't give us a straight reason as to why they're ending the show. What's weird about it though and what's surprising to me is that this podcast is incredibly popular, they even have a hotline that you can call to tell your theories to them. Hundreds of people listen to this podcast as you can tell because they gushed about it constantly in their previous shows. They decide to end it now when the season isn't even halfway over!!?? It just seems so out of place and weird that they would end the show when LOST hasn't even reached it's peak yet! They were incredibly good at their analysis and discussion. Give them a listen even if you haven't watched an episode of LOST before. They were actually the best out there because they broadcasted FROM Hawaii, where LOST is filmed. They also gave cast sightings in their show which was pretty cool. I just feel kind of "lost" (no pun intended), as to their true answer for cancelling the podcast. I hope they tell us sometime. In the meantime, if you're interested the very last "-cast" by them is the first post on the give them a listen and maybe dig in the archives for a praticular episode that interested you.

-----To Ryan and Jen-------

Thank you for all you have given the LOST fan community. Your in-depth analysis of the show and your witty banter as well was a treat for me to hear every week. It's a shame the show had to be ended and I hope you will find the time (3 kids, my gosh!) to continue the show.

Picture of Ryan & Jen

***Next Week

-LOST returns with an all-new episode! 2x13: The Long Con!

Happy 20th Anniversary to my parents! February 2nd, 1986 - February 2nd, 2006!

Screencaps from "Equilibrium" - John Preston

Added 2 new fanlistings: Equilibrium(movie) and John Preston(character from Equilibrium)

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I found this picture of Josh and some girl on a Livejournal and I just think it's really hot. Also made an icon.


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