Broken Secrets

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Mood: Calm
Reading: The Talented Mr. Ripley by P-Highsmith
Listening: "Hung Up" by Madonna
Watching: Carrie(1976)

++Post Start: 1:56pm++

Well, I got both my Psych midterm and my Math midterm back. Psych I passed, Math, I failed. Please DO NOT ask me if I was pissed because I was majorly pissed. I was very close to passing and I was kicking myself for it. I studied really hard for it too.


I found some super-HOT pictures of Christian Bale courtesy of Enigmatic

Along with these I also made some graphics with them that I hope you'll like:



Icon and Banners:


**Next Week

3/15 Lost is a re-run!

++Post End: 2:25pm++

++EDIT: 8:08pm++

Made another gorgeous wallpaper! (be warned of the size!)



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