Broken Secrets

Friday, August 18, 2006

So, as you can probably tell I have returned from vacation all safe and sound. It was a fun trip nontheless with lots of swimming and lying on the beach.

I just recently had my birthday, yippee!! I turned 20 years old and got an iPod among many other White Sox related gifts.

I also went to my last White Sox game of the season on the 15th, which they lost terribly. I wasn't very happy with it and I had wished that my last game could've been a winner. I also am going to miss U.S. Cellular Field very much. It's such an awesome experience being there and knowing that this is where the World Champs PLAY. People who were lucky enough to score tickets to those 2 games played here in Chicago actually sat in those seats and watched those games play out.

Just even turning onto 35th and knowing that at the end of that street is the stadium gets me excited. Walking through the underpass and seeing the golden sides of the stadium with the black roof and hearing the music blaring out of people's cars as they're's great.

I'll miss it very much.